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A cell site or cell tower is a mobile mobile phone site where antennae and electric marketing communications equipment are put — typically over a radio mast, tower, or other elevated structure — to make a cell (or adjacent skin cells) in a mobile network. The increased structure typically facilitates antennae and a number of packages of transmitter/receivers transceivers, digital transmission processors, control gadgets, a GPS device for timing (for CDMA2000/IS-95 or GSM systems), principal and backup electrical energy resources, and sheltering.
In Global System for Mobile Marketing communications (GSM) networks, the right term is Bottom Transceiver Train station (BTS), and colloquial synonyms are “cellular phone mast” or “base station”. The word “base train station site” might better mirror the increasing co-location of multiple mobile providers, and for that reason multiple base channels, at an individual site. Based on an operator’s technology, a good site hosting simply a one mobile operator may house multiple bottom part channels, each to provide another type of air program technology (CDMA2000 or GSM, for example).
Some places require that cell sites be inconspicuous; they could be blended with the encompassing area or installed on structures or advertising towers. Maintained treescapes could conceal cell towers in a manufactured tree or conserved tree. These installations are usually known as hidden cell sites or stealth cell sites.

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