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Do you have an iPhone / Samsung device that has poor battery life?

Do you charge it to 100% at night and then an hour or two later in the morning, it’s at 20% and then suddenly … just dies on you?

These can be signs of a compromised or unhealthy battery! Often when a battery starts to malfunction, it can swell up and damage the screen on your phone, or present a fire risk. Often times our customers feel like their phone has very little value and isn’t worth fixing when it behaves this way, but …

Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall replaces batteries! We support all models of Samsung, iPhone, and LG phone!

Typically most battery replacements are $69.99. If your Samsung / LG device has cracked back glass, we replace that for you as well for the low additional cost of $19.99! Best of all, our batteries come with a lifetime warranty! 

Bring your phone on in to Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall and we will end your battery woes!

Cell Phone Batteries

Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall replaces cell phone batteries!

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