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Hi folks! This is Jesse from Device Hop with a quick video about how fast our repairs are.

A common question we get from our customers is how long it takes to do a screen replacement.

For iPhone repair, we can get almost all screens repaired within 1 hour or less. For Samsung & LG Phones, we typically take an hour and a half.

So you can come in to the mall, drop off your phone with us, and head over to the food court for some lunch or dinner, do some shopping, and within no time at all your phone is fixed and ready for you to pick up.

As always, we replace the whole panel including the display and touch panel, and put a lifetime warranty on those parts. We are the only major cell phone repair shop in Pueblo that offers a lifetime warranty.

Come on in to Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall and get your phone fixed up for the holidays!

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