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Got a cell phone with a broken back camera cover?

Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall fixes camera covers for iPhone, Samsung and LG models!! 

Why is this important? When your cover to your back camera on your cell phone is broken, not only can glass from the cover get into the camera lens, but dust, water, and other debris can get in there too. And if your camera is OIS Capable (OIS = Optical Image Stabilization, like your eyes!) then getting debris in the lens can damage the OIS function and make your camera unable to focus!

We provide high quality results at a great price. With our $69.99 camera cover replacement service, we take the time and care to replace the lens only after removing the camera first! This ensures that we do not damage your sensitive (and expensive!) back cameras while performing this repair.

We can take care of almost all models of iPhone, Samsung & LG and can do the repair in under 90 minutes!

Come to Device Hop in the Pueblo Mall today and we will get you taking beautiful pictures again!!

Back camera cover replacement

Back camera cover replacement

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